Crested Butte Extreme Freeskiing Championships


Extreme Freeskiing Championships

The Extreme Freeskiing Championship in Crested Butte is one of a kind. Competitors from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe are faced with extremely challenging terrain and competition. The event is held in the Crested Butte Ski Resort in an area that is not usually open to recreational skiing. This competition is promised to feature some of the best skiing in the world. Read More

  • Competitors from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe 
  • Held in mid February each year.
  • The race is held at Crested Butte ski area.

Overview: Competitors and viewers have flocked to Crested Butte for 13 years for the Extreme Freeskiing Championships because it is guaranteed entertainment. This multi day event features almost 200 skiers on different terrain each day. Skiers will challenge themselves on normally closed areas such as The Hourglass and Snaggletooth Glades. 

Where: Crested Butte Ski Resort is home to the Freeskiing competition.

When: The Junior competition takes place February 3rd-4th, 2018 and the main comp will be held February 8th-11th, 2018.

Cost: Free for spectators but an entry fee is required for participants.

Details: There is a junior division which features some of the best upcoming skiers in the world. Spectators will enjoy an array of crashes and spectacular, creative lines by experienced and awe inspiring skiers. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners so the competition is fierce. The event is set up with qualifying and final runs so there is plenty of extreme viewing action.

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