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Salida Colorado

Two hours east of Crested Butte nestled alongside the lovely Arkansas River rests the quaint mountain town of Salida Colorado.

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  • Salida is two hours east of Crested Butte on Highway 50.
  • The Arkansas River runs through town, which means rafting, kayaking and fly fishing are always on the menu.
  • Salida has several good restaurants and interesting shops that easily warrant an afternoon’s exploration.
  • The annual river festival, FIBArk, is an eccentric celebration of river life.


Salida activity is centered on the Arkansas River, which runs right through town. This is a town where raft guides, artists, writers and ranchers coexist among excellent bars, restaurants and shops.


Salida CO is located on Highway 50 east of Monarch Pass on the Arkansas River floodplain.


Restaurants serving delicious food, trendy coffee shops and art galleries as well as several outdoor gear shops accentuate this charming riverside town. You’ll find several lodging and grocery options and gas stations.


It’s all about the Arkansas River. Go whitewater rafting and kayaking or fly fishing on this picturesque stream. Bike trails are also close by and Monarch Pass Ski Area is only about 45 minutes from town.

A riverside promenade and park offers a lovely post-activity amble.


Check out several ongoing events, including the whacky river festival FIBArk and a Saturday farmers’ market featuring local produce and grass-fed meat.

Getting Here

Two hours from Crested Butte, take Highway 135 south to Highway 50 east into downtown Salida.

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