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Crested Butte in the Colorado Rocky Mountains provides so much in the way of outdoor fun, with plenty of public campgrounds offering you the perfect home base for your vacation.

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Crested Butte

The Gunnison National Forest surrounds Crested Butte Colorado, and offers a natural environment that provides a special experience in the Colorado Rockies. The scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities make for the perfect vacation for the whole family. There are hiking trails taking you into the backcountry, mountains, canyons, plateaus and mesas to explore, picnic areas to enjoy and so much more.

There are 18 campgrounds around the Crested Butte area, including close to Almont, Redstone and Paonia. You can camp by a creek in a Blue spruce forest, around a lake with wildflowers blooming or in the deep forest with wildlife wandering through. The forestland around Crested Butte offers many adventures for outdoor lovers.

Length of Stay

The maximum length of stay at the campgrounds in Gunnison National Forest near Crested Butte is 16 days.

Camping Areas/Locations

Find campgrounds in Gunnison National Forest.


The campgrounds near Crested Butte are open at different times, but generally from May to October. Some close in September and some in December.


Camping fees range from no charge (for pack-in, pack-out) or a donation only to $22, depending on the campground and facilities.