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Schofield Pass

While it may be beautiful, Schofield Pass is not a road for the faint-of-heart – the narrow road that runs north from Crested Butte is only suitable for 4WD vehicles past the summit and closes for much of the year due to snow and mud.


  • Gorgeous views and scenery. 
  • Relatively low levels of traffic. 
  • Road is only open part of the year – not recommended for non-4WD vehicles past Belleview Mountain.


Fourteen miles north of Crested Butte, Schofield Pass climbs up past the base of Belleview Mountain and connects with Marble and CO-133. Along the way, you’ll find a road that is at times serene and other times risky at best, but always surrounded by the spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains and the Crystal River below.

Schofield Pass is a classic example of a shelf road – a road that has been blasted out of rock mountainsides. The at times very narrow road surface consists of dirt, crushed rock and scree, without any type of guardrails or significant shoulder.

The northern part of Schofield Pass (not too far past Belleview Mountain) is suitable only for 4WD vehicles, and the snow plug that forms during the winter month prevents thru-travel except for the latter summer months.

Driving Directions

From Crested Butte, drive north on CO-317 (Gothic Road) past Gothic. From where CO-317 reaches CO-133, you can turn around and return via Schofield Pass or take CO-133 south to Schofield Pass (CO-12).


Schofield Pass summit is approximately 14 miles from Crested Butte and takes the better part of an hour to reach. The entire route to CO-133 is 24 miles and takes the better part of a day to drive. Check with local road officials before attempting the drive.