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Pitkin Colorado Ghost Town

The ghost town of Pitkin isn’t a true ghost town, as there are still a few local residents, but this semi-ghost town is still a great place to come and see original buildings and relics from bygone mining days. Read More

  • Pitkin, Colorado is a semi-ghost town located about an hour-and-a-half from Crested Butte, along Colorado Road 76. 
  • Original cabins and other buildings, as well as mining relics, can be found throughout town. 
  • Visit during the warmer summer months.


With the discovery of silver in the 1870s, Pitkin, Colorado became a booming mining town, although never as large as some of the better-known towns. During the mid 1890s, mining slowed in Pitkin until the 1930s, when the town further collapsed. Despite the economic state of the town, many of the original buildings have been kept in good repair, and a number of mining relics can also be seen around town.


Just under an hour-and-a-half from Crested Butte, Pitkin can be found along Colorado Road 76, just past Ohio City.


Due to cold temperatures, snow and road conditions, Pitkin is best visited during the summer.

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