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Lesser known yet just as exciting as other Colorado mountain towns, is Delta, Colorado which is located a short 2 hour drive from Crested Butte. A small town boasting about 6,500 residents, Delta is a rural agricultural community with a quaint personality. Rand McNally's Places Rated Retirement Guide ranks Delta as one of the top three communities according to climate, housing, economics, and health care. Read More

Although Delta is a small community, you still have easy access to all the necessities as well as several luxuries. There is a golf course as well as a fitness and recreational center. Delta is also located about 42 miles from Grand Junction, and 21 miles from Montrose, if you are looking looking for something special or rare.

Like many Colorado towns, Delta is not lacking in natural beauty. Surrounded by the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and West Elk Wilderness to the east, Uncompahrge National Forest to the west, and the San Juan Mountain Range to the south, you are rewarded with exceptional vistas in every direction. The Black Canyon plummets 2,000 feet, and is one of the nation's narrowest canyons bearing sheer vertical rock on both sides.

Delta is located in the North Fork Valley, named for the North Fork of the Gunnison River. The Gunnison River provides breathtaking scenery as well as excellent fishing and rafting.

The weather in Delta is typically comfortable with warm summers bearing daytime temperatures in the 90s. Winters bring little snow, and what does manage to fall, usually ends up melting by noon. Winter enthusiasts are satiated with a visit to Grand Mesa, which is located just north of Delta. In Grand Mesa you can enjoy, ice fishing and cross country skiing.