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Glenwood Springs

An iconic Colorado town that gained fame in the Wild-West era, Glenwood Springs retains its old charm with refurbished natural hot springs and a revitalized downtown.

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  • A 4-hour drive from Crested Butte along scenic secondary highways, Glenwood Springs straddles Interstate 70.
  • Take a soak in the natural spring pools and sweat it all out in a vapor cave.
  • The hike to Hanging Lake takes about half a day and is one of the most popular in Colorado.


Glenwood Springs, where tuberculosis sufferers including gunman Doc Holliday once went for a rest-cure, is now a fully fledged tourist town still offering spring-fed R&R.


Glenwood Springs straddles Interstate 70 with the hot springs on the north side and downtown on the south side.


Glenwood Springs is a big town with numerous lodging and restaurant options and ample tourist services.


Glenwood Springs is know for its, surprise, hot springs! Most pools and “vapor caves” are located on the north side of Interstate 70.

For those looking to earn their soak, check out the hiking and biking trails. Hanging Lake is the most-popular hike, where centuries of water erosion has turned the Travertine (dissolved limestone) into gorgeous Swiss-cheese formations.

The paved Glenwood Canyon bike path follows the Colorado River through spectacular canyon meanders.


Again, the main attraction is the hot springs, but don't miss out on some great dining, shopping and various festivals, including the annual Strawberry Days Festival.

The gondola and cave tour are also popular.

Getting Here

From Crested Butte, take 135 out of town, then go west on Highway 50 to 92, which eventually connects with 133 and, finally, 82. Total trip time is about 4 hours.

Don't forget to stop in Paonia, an eclectic haunt for Western writers, artists, philosophers and ranchers.

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Glenwood Caverns

Stop in Glenwood Springs to view the Caverns / Fairy Caves.