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Taylor River

The Taylor River, which runs right into Almont, has classic Colorado river fishing, as well as great whitewater, with beautiful views of the Collegiate Peaks.

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  • The Taylor is a classic Colorado mountain river from start to finish, with stupendous fishing and thrilling boating. 
  • While the upper sections of the Taylor hold a more alpine stream quality, the Taylor Reservoir and its tail waters contain trophy-sized monsters of trout and pike. 
  • The 12 miles of water above Almont have rapids that will challenge and excite. 
  • CO-742 follows the Taylor River north out of Almont.


From where it starts high in the mountains as a small alpine stream, the Taylor continues to gain size as it flows southwest to Taylor Park, Almont and, eventually, the Colorado. Along the way, you’ll find excellent fishing, raging whitewater and even a little bit of mellow paddling.


Fishing can be found all along the Taylor River. High in the mountains above Taylor Park, you’ll find numerous alpine streams, creeks and beaver ponds that hold small brook trout. Once you reach the reservoir, you’ll find trophy-sized pike and trout swimming through the dam-held waters. While many anglers prefer to fish from a boat, the Reservoir is also fishable from shore or with waders. For approximately half-a-mile beyond the dam, the tail waters of the Taylor Reservoir hold behemoth rainbow trout and technical fishing that will challenge anglers of all abilities and reward them with record-breaking fish. Be aware that fishing is not allowed 325 yards downstream of Taylor Dam, and the stretch immediately following that is catch-and-release with artificial flies or lures only.

The section further below the dam on the way to Almont (the Upper, Middle and Lower Taylor), is a change from the still waters found in Taylor Reservoir. The quick, fast-moving water and many riffles are easily accessed from CO-742.


The 12 miles of the Taylor River between the Taylor Reservoir and Almont is also the primary boating section of the river, with the fast flowing water giving rafters and kayakers alike a chance to prove their mettle through Class II-IV rapids. Put-ins and take-outs can be found all along this stretch of river.

The Taylor Reservoir is the only mellow paddle-friendly section of the Taylor River, with the calm waters and beautiful surrounding views making it a perfect place to spend an afternoon floating, fishing and enjoying the mountains.


If you’re tempted to pitch a tent, cook some fresh trout over a fire and let the sound of the river lull you to sleep, you’re in luck – campgrounds can be found all along the Taylor River. Taylor Park Reservoir also has rental cabins available at the Taylor Park Trading Post.


To find the Taylor River, simply take CO-742 north from Almont (Almost is 18 miles south from Crested Butte along CO-135). CO-742 follows the Taylor River northeast to Taylor Park and Taylor Park Reservoir before continuing along it to the higher mountain sections.