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Tomichi Creek

From the base of Monarch Pass, Tomichi Creek flows along the same route as US-50 until it joins the Gunnison just outside Gunnison, Colorado. Read More

  • Easily found from US-50, Tomichi Creek flows from Monarch Pass to Gunnison. 
  • Fishing can be found along Tomichi Creek, although much of the surrounding land is private property. 
  • Tomichi Creek State Wildlife Area is a popular hunting and fishing spot.


Tomichi Creek is a relatively small waterway that mirrors US-50 for much of the way between Monarch Pass and Gunnison. Along the way, you’ll find some scenic picnic and camping spots (try Whitepine) and good fishing.


The primary fish found in Tomichi Creek are rainbow and brown trout. In addition to Tomichi itself, which access is somewhat limited to due to privately held lands, some of the side drainages and feeder creeks also offer nice fishing. Marshall Creek, Cochetopa and Long Branch are all good places to explore.

Tomichi Creek State Wildlife Area

Although this newly created Wildlife Area attracts more hunters than fishermen, it is also a good public access point and a great place to catch trout.


Fishing in Tomichi Creek is best in late spring, summer and fall.


Although most of Tomichi Creek is surrounded by private property, public access points can be found just off US-50 just below Sargents and at the Snowblind Campground, near Whitepine. Other public access points can be found interspersed among private land between Sargents and Gunnison. Tomichi can also be accessed at Tomichi State Wildlife Area.