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Get your big-game hunt on in Crested Butte, where herds of closely managed Elk and Deer roam the wild, rugged Elk Mountains.

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  • Elk hunting is by lottery permit only and rules, regulations vary by area and time of year. Do research with the Colorado Division of Wildlife well in advance of any planned hunt.
  • Backcountry hunting areas often cannot be accessed by motorized vehicle, so plan accordingly.
  • Free-grazing Colorado Elk meat is highly prized game.


Several Elk and Deer herds live in the Crested Butte-Gunnison mountains. Also, wild turkeys can be found in many open meadow areas. Elk are the prized hunt, but what else would you expect in the “Elk” Mountains?

Where to go hunting

Hunting is strictly managed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Permits are granted for individual game units and redistributed every few years. Contact a local hunting outfitter before applying for a permit.

The Gunnison National Forest, West Elk Wilderness Area and Sawatch and Saguache Ranges access the following notable game-management unites: 53, 64, 55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 and 551.

Guided Tours & Rentals

The Crested Butte-Gunnison area is home to several longtime hunting guides that know the best hunting grounds and will help you navigate the permitting process.

Additionally, horsepackers are available for hire to pack-in supplies and pack-out meat.

Hire a local meat packer to process your game.

Other Hunting / Outfitters Resources

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Preserving elk populations through responsible hunting.